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Merger FAQ

What will be the name of the new church?2022-09-13T03:11:25+00:00

The name of our new faith community will be Bridgeway Church.

Where will we meet?2022-09-13T03:11:50+00:00

Bridgeway Church will meet at CBC’s current location on North Jackson Street.

Who will be the lead pastor?2022-09-13T03:12:26+00:00

Both Pastor Grant & Pastor Joe will help lead Bridgeway Church along with a group of six other elders. They will strive to lead in unity with one another and lean upon each other’s strengths.

What is the difference between elders & deacons?2022-09-13T03:12:57+00:00

Elders are commissioned in the New Testament as the spiritual leaders of the church. Their responsibility is to provide vision, direction, and accountability for the church and the pastors. They are to devote themselves to the ministry of prayer and to ensuring that Bridgeway Church stays faithful to Scripture. Deacons are commissioned as servant-leaders of the church. Their responsibility is to provide leadership in making sure the practical needs of the church are met.

What will happen to the staff of each church?2022-09-13T03:13:53+00:00

We have determined to honor the calling of the current staff at both SCC & CBC and will retain all staff as part of the Bridgeway Church team. We believe that not only will there be more than enough work for everyone but this merger will provide opportunities for our team to grow and develop even more!

Will our worship services change?2022-09-13T03:14:32+00:00

Not much. SCC and CBC services already look very similar in worship and communication styles. We use a common worship language and share many of the same songs in our services. Both churches are built on expository preaching from the pulpit and that also will not change. You can expect to see people from SCC and CBC on stage together every week helping to lead our worship gatherings.

What will happen to our Sunday School class or my small group?2022-09-13T03:15:15+00:00

We will need to be flexible and gracious as we explore new ways forward. Some groups, such as our senior adult classes, will see little change. Others meanwhile will intentionally be re-cast to help us build fellowship. Many groups will meet on Sunday mornings, others will meet on alternate days of the week. Most importantly, ALL groups at Bridgeway will focus on the Word, encourage community, and move toward mission.

Will we stop being Baptist?2022-09-13T03:16:19+00:00

We are Baptist in our doctrinal convictions AND in our missional associations. As a result, we will continue to cooperate with our local, state, and national Baptist conventions.

How will our children & students benefit from this merger?2022-09-13T03:17:27+00:00

This merger is promising for the future stability and growth of our children and student ministries.  Having young families in the church attracts more young families.  Fostering those families and their children promotes them to stay long term while the children grow spiritually. Additionally, merging will allow the combined staff to better concentrate on developing our children and student ministries!  Bridgeway Church will have a full team of Family Ministry & Student Ministry leadership! Finally, bringing our congregations together will increase the number of volunteers able to pour into our children and students.

What are the financial implications of the merger? How will we give our tithes?2022-09-13T03:18:07+00:00

We are combining the budgets of two stable churches together which means that the budget for Bridgeway Church will be larger than either SCC or CBC. Offerings will still be accepted by check, cash, or online giving. Donors will still receive a contribution letter at the end of the year for tax purposes and Bridgeway Church will be a tax-exempt charitable organization.

What will happen to the missionaries and mission partners that we currently support?2022-09-13T03:18:46+00:00

Bridgeway Church will continue to support ALL cooperative giving efforts, church plants, missionaries, and organizations that either SCC or CBC currently support. In some cases, that support will even increase. You can find more by consulting the proposed Bridgeway Church budget for 2022-2023.

What will happen to Starkville Community Church’s property?2022-09-13T03:19:22+00:00

SCC currently has a pending contract for the purchase of their property. Once it is sold, the proceeds will be transferred to Bridgeway Church to help power the mission of connecting with the unconnected.

What is the timeline of this merger going forward?2022-09-13T03:19:51+00:00
  • September 18th – Joint Worship Service at CBC (Proposal Distributed at End)
  • September 18th to October 9th – Continue the 40 Days of Prayer
  • September 25th – Town Hall Meetings at Each Church (5PM)
  • October 2nd – Each Church Votes on Merging
  • October 23rd – First Act of Bridgeway Church: Faith-in-Action Sunday
  • October 30th – Celebration Services for SCC and CBC
  • November 6th – First Worship Gathering of Bridgeway Church
  • January 15th – Official Public Launch of Bridgeway Church
Where do I go if I have questions?2022-09-13T03:20:24+00:00

If you have questions that do not get answered in this document, the proposal packet, or at one of the town hall meetings, then you can email and we will respond promptly! You may also contact any member of the Merger Exploration Team.

What is my next step?2022-09-13T03:20:52+00:00

We ask that you prayerfully and humbly join us in asking the Lord to reveal His will for our churches to you. Then we invite you to join us at one of the town halls being held at SCC & CBC on September 25th @ 5PM!

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