How Can I Connect with Others at SCC?

Our goal is to help people from every culture experience an authentic, Gospel-centered community.
We believe that’s best accomplished by connecting people together in Small Groups
where they can build relationships and do life together as they grow closer to Jesus.

We have groups for every life stage that meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Nights at 6:00 PM while our children’s & student groups are meeting.

You’re invited to try out a group of three and see where you best fit in the family of faith at Starkville Community Church.
You can see a current list of our groups and when they meet AND sign up for a group HERE! 

What About My Kids?

We believe in creating a fun, safe, and positive atmosphere for children from birth all the way through 5th Grade.

Our goal is to help every child who comes through our doors know Jesus, love Jesus, and serve Jesus for the rest of their life.

We achieve that goal by helping parents disciple their own children AND through our Kingdom Kids Program which takes place every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm. Each night begins with a short “family time” where kids and parents get introduced to the Scripture they’ll both be studying through fun, interactive activities. Then our kids split into preschool and elementary groups while our parents gather in small groups to study the same passage of scripture.

We use The Gospel Project curriculum and you can find a preview of it at THIS LINK!

You’ll find other events for kids throughout the year, but we can guarantee that every time we’re together your child will enjoy connecting with Jesus and other kids through games, crafts, music, prayer, and Bible study.

How Can Students Connect at SCC?

We strive to help middle school and high school students CONNECT with Christ, with one another, and with their community.

We offer intentional discipleship groups every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and large group bible study Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM.

We desire to help students in every stage of life discover authentic faith.

We believe in college students at SCC!

We strive to help university students learn how to live out an authentic and consistent faith in an environment that is always changing.
We also hope to encourage a healthy relationship between college students and the church.

We accomplish that goal by using a combination of large group gatherings (College Worship), Small Group discipleship (multiple groups meet throughout the week), and a wide variety of service opportunities.